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Get your music to the world.

Reach More Fans.

Release and distribute your music on over 150 major streaming stores across the world like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Global Radio, Tencent QQ, Soundcloud Go and so on.
We make distribution of music very easy, enabling you to maximize revenue, visibility and traction.
Release your music with FlareTechMusic today; Get discovered, grow your fan base and keep 100% of your copyrights and earnings with no hidden charges.

Grow Your Career

Be Your Own Label

Simply choose one of our distribution plans to release and promote your music directly to audiences around world and let FlareTechMusic see to the rest; from music file distribution to generation of data and statistics for marketing and promotion, to monitoring and tracking of track performance and payments.

Why choose


Global Music Distribution

Get your music playing in over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide.

Keep 100% of Your Sales

We never takes a cut of your sales. Every penny you earn is put right into your FlaretechMusic account.

Comprehensive Sales Data

Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music.


Organic Playlisting

for independent artistes and record labels

Distributing your songs isn’t just enough; you need marketing to maximize revenue from sales.

Secure placements today on massive playlists and watch your stream counts go up over time. With over 4,500 playlists and an overall listener reach of 23 million, FlareTechMusic sends your tracks to infinity and beyond.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you’re on playlists that guarantee organic results.

Take Complete Control & Get Unlimited Potential.

There is never a perfect timing but now, Start now!!!


This platform is bae. The user friendliness and transparency is what I love the most. I don't have to call anyone for my revenue reports and money anymore.King O.T

This is a welcome development and a good step to the right direction. I am loving this platform!.-Styleh-

The fact that I can see the countries, the digital stores where my songs are being streamed, my songs with the highest streaming counts, break down of my sales revenue and I can cash out 100% of my earnings, wow!, it's 5 Star for me.-BigTrill-

I have come across a couple of music distribution platforms, but flaretechmusic is so unique.-Muma Gee-

What caught my attention and interest is the efficiency of their customers service. They are very professional-Koffi Da Guru-.

The Pen Your News Editor on the website is very fascinating. I am happy that I can create my own news right there on the platform, edit it there and then and publish on the website for just N1000.-Itta-

I am happy that I am getting value of my money. it is an amazing platform.-"Sals"-.

The album subscription plan puts a limit to how many track one can distribute. I hope they do something about it.-Wale-.

Stay Tuned

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FlareTechMusic is a do-it-yourself (DIY) music distribution platform that puts the right tools directly into the hands of the artistes and labels.

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