FlareTechMusic is a do-it-yourself (DIY) music distribution platform that puts the right tools directly into the hands of the artistes and labels


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FlareTechMusic is a do-it-yourself (DIY) music distribution platform that puts the right tools directly into the hands of the artistes and labels, which amplifies their exposures and help their music be discovered by millions of people around the globe. With Flare Tech Music, the artiste maintains full ownership of their music whilst keeping 100% of their earnings.

FlareTechMusic Distribution service helps artistes, record labels and artiste managers from different part of the world to distribute their music on, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Global Radio, Tencent QQ, Soundcloud Go and hundreds of major streaming and download music stores for an annual flat fee per song or album.

FlareTechMusic exists to make the distribution of music for artistes, record labels and managers easier than ever before. FlareTechMusic put you back in charge of your career and creates several income earning opportunities.


Check out our amazing features:
Automatic royalty splits

Built right into our music distribution app, our Royalty Splits feature makes the messy task of sharing revenue automatic and simple. Just add your collaborators or team members and split it up!

Distribution to all major stores
Plus 150 and counting
Keep 100% of your royalties

You’ll earn every penny made from royalties and can with-draw your funds any time you want.


Smart release pages 

You’ll receive a free SmartLink & QR code for every release, which includes pre-save links to promote your music before it drops.


Free ISRC & EAN/UPC codes

We provide all codes needed to release your music for free. Our platform automatically assigns these codes to your tracks when you upload them, and you have the option to use your own codes if you’d like.


Smartlinks, ISRC codes, EAN/UPC codes etc., included in the price and, no Hidden Costs
Actionable analytics

Track sales, streams and the location of listeners for all of your releases across different stores with daily analytic breakdowns.

Music locker

Store your track files in your own dashboard. You can easily make them into a release when you’re ready!

High Quality Audio Capabilities

High quality audio capabilities up to 192khz 24bit and beyond

Payment Options

Multiple (Mobile) payment options

Coming Soon!
Pre-Save Links

Create. Share. Promote. Get your music out there to the masses before it releases with a custom link that allows fans to pre-save and purchase your single and album before it releases.

Android and iOS apps

Soon also available as native Android and iOS apps


Pen Your News

Our ‘’Pen Your News’’ feature give the artistes, labels and managers the required control to create, edit their own news, press releases about that ‘’hit song’’ and publish at will.

We are FlareTechMusic!!! We are FlareTechMusic!!!