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Pen Your News (PYN) is designed for you to thrive, create, edit and publish your own news and press releases in relation to your art.

  • It helps drive traffic to your music.
  • You can repurpose your news content for social media.
  • It helps convert traffic into leads.
  • It drives long-term results.
  • Pen Your News helps with link building.
  • It drives long-term results.
  • It helps you share news about your brand
  • It is reliable in helping you maximize traction

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To use PYN, every intended news or press releases for upload and publication will be reviewed and approved, to ensure they are in line with the rules and regulations.
Interested users of this feature, shall comply with the following:

  • News shall not contain any offensive or abusive language.
  • News shall not be politically affiliated.
  • News shall not contain any derogatory messages.
  • Contents shall not be religiously affiliated or contain any sensitive language against any religion.
  • Contents relating to making, handling, or using of weapons cannot, must not be uploaded and will be not approved for upload.
  • Contents shall not promote violence or bodily harm.
  • News item containing hate speech or discriminatory language is highly prohibited and cannot and must not be uploaded.
  • Contents shall not enable illegal or unethical behaviour.
  • Contents shall not be misleading or deceptive.
  • Contents shall not violate any applicable national or international law.
  • Contents shall not be harmful or otherwise inappropriate.
  • FlareTechMusic reserves the right to add and/or modify the above, at any time.
  • Any news content that violates the above-mentioned rules will not be published and payment shall be refunded.

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