Extra royalties you’ll receive when you join Flaretech Music Publishing include:


Mechanical Streaming royalties whenever your music is streamed.


Mechanical download royalties whenever your music is downloaded.


YouTube royalties when your music is used anywhere on the platform.


Performance royalties from live shows, radio, TV, streaming services & more.

Sync Royalties

Sync royalties whenever your music is used in media.

And much more

Publishing royalties from hundreds of sources across the globe.

We’ll track down all of the publishing royalties you’re owed worldwide.

Start earning publishing royalties now



If you write and release your own music but don’t claim publishing royalties, you’re missing out.

You could be earning extra revenue whenever your music is performed live or broadcast in any kind of media. You can even claim additional publishing royalties every time your music is streamed on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

  1. Sign up & register your music

    When you sign up with Flaretechmusic Publishing, we’ll register your music with Collecting Societies around the world, maximizing your potential income

  2. Add your live performances

    You should be claiming performing royalties every time you play live. Let us know about your past & future shows and we’ll track down the money you’re owed.

  3. We pitch your music for TV, film & more

    Our sync licensing team has decades of experience pitching music like yours for media placements worldwide.

  4. You get paid

    Once you sign up with FlareTechMusic Publishing, we’ll get to work, recovering everything unclaimed royalties you’re owed and you’ll start receiving the royalties you deserve.